AGM reports for 2020 -Please read before attending the AGM date TBC

Chairman’s Report
Dear Members,
Hasn’t it been great to see the increased use of the courts since the relaxing of the lockdown rules? The various club sessions are well attended and many more juniors are playing regularly. Having to be organised and booking a court in advance is a small price to pay for seeing the club so well used.
Please remember to cancel any bookings that you cannot use, though, and stick to the 3 two hour sessions per family allowed. We have had to suspend the junior coaching until September but will confirm new dates when agreed with Benenden School. Piotr, our coach, can be contacted for private lessons at and I know that some adults have taken advantage of this already. Sadly, we regularly have litter left around the court and in the clubhouse. Every week I pick up discarded tennis ball tube metal tops. Please take your rubbish home and avoid using the clubhouse except for emergency loo breaks. No rubbish to be left in the clubhouse. TAKE IT HOME! Best Wishes, Ellie
Officer’s Reports
Secretary (Catriona Prynne) – The club’s registration with the LTA has been renewed and IGTC is compliant with the Minimum Standards on safeguarding, diversity and inclusion, DBS checks for the relevant officer and risk assessments. The club house insurance is up to date and the electrical equipment has been safety checked.
Membership Secretary (Fiona Mullis) – Membership numbers are strong and steady this year, despite having the club closed for 3 months due to Covid 19, just at the start of our new fiscal year in March 2020. The club has been open now for a month and all members have either rejoined and paid fees or been contacted and found to have moved away/no longer play etc. Taking family membership as 2 adults and 2 children, the 2020/21 numbers are 11 family members, 95 adults, 7 young adults (18-25) and 33 juniors. A total of 179 (124 adults). This contrasts with the previous year membership of 6 families, 101 adults, 7 young adults and 40 juniors – a total of 172. Looking further at the numbers we have retained many new members attracted last year. Of 18 new adult members, 14 rejoined; and of 27 new juniors, 21 rejoined. This highlights the success of our junior coaching programme.
Wealden League Report (Ros Judd) – Fortunately we had completed all our matches before the league was shut down in March. We finished the season mid-table so I am very pleased to report that we will be staying in Division 2. We played 12 matches, with 5 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses and all the matches were very enjoyable. Many thanks to our players this year: Fiona Mullins, Dan Mullins, Ellie Cochrane, Stephen Cochrane, Ciara Aylott, James Aylott, Emy Lucassen, Nick Conington, Ros Judd, Brian Judd and Hayden Judd. If anybody would like to join the team for next season, when matches recommence, please contact Ros Judd at
Treasurer’s Report (Stephen Oakes) – The accounts for the year ended 31 October 2019 were examined by Charles Trollope and approved. The Accounts record income for the year of £10,471.91 and expenses of £10,352.43 producing a small surplus of £125.48 Total cash held at the year’s end amounted to £28,861.56. In comparison with the previous year, income increased by £2797 due largely to the addition of fees received from junior coaching. Total expenditure was significantly higher reflecting the ‘one off’ cost of repainting both courts and the payment of coaching fees for the juniors.
Annual Compliance Report for Trustees Catriona Prynne confirmed that the club was compliant to the best of the committee’s ability

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